GOP Threatens Audits on Ukraine Aid once they Regain House Control

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Republicans have threatened audits when they regain control of the House in January, so President Biden’s administration is rushing to track the roughly $20 billion in military aid it has delivered to Ukraine, Fox News informed.

Kevin McCarthy, a likely candidate to become House Speaker, has stated that his party will not be writing Ukraine a “blank check” to thwart Russia’s invasion. How much, if any, of the U.S. aid is finding its way into the wrong hands would be determined by a future audit. Previous tracking initiatives by the Biden administration only looked at a small portion of the help sent to the nation.

There is still strong support for stepping up oversight measures in Congress, despite the concerns of some ardent advocates of Ukraine that Republicans may stop providing help to the nation.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, a fiery conservative from Georgia, has vowed to “hold our government accountable” for spending on the Ukraine, and several of her ally lawmakers have echoed the sentiment.

According to the Post, the Biden administration only inspected 10% of the 22,000 weapons it gave to Ukraine between February and November 1. The senators concur that the existing monitoring efforts are appallingly insufficient.

However, U.S. friends in Europe have voiced optimism that Republican criticism of Ukraine help won’t result in a broad budget reduction.

McCarthy’s criticism of the aid initiatives is based on the fact that the American economy is on the verge of entering a recession.

However, under Biden, support for Ukraine was mainly bipartisan, and many Republicans believe there is no reason it cannot continue in some capacity.

Nobody in the Republican leadership, according to Rep. Mike Turner of Ohio, has asked for the cessation of funding to Ukraine, he said on Monday. Republicans question why a $40 billion package needs to be passed in order to give $8 billion to Ukraine.

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