US Concerned About Iranian Threats to Saudi Arabia

The United States is concerned about threats from Iran against Saudi Arabia and will not hesitate to respond if necessary. 

A White House spokesperson said the administration is concerned about the Iranian threats against Saudi Arabia and will remain in constant contact with Saudi Arabia through military and intelligence channels. 

The National Security Council spokesperson said the U.S. will not hesitate to act in the defense of interests and partners in the region.

Saudi Arabia shared intelligence with the U.S. that warned of an imminent attack from Iran on targets inside of the Kingdom. 

Other countries in the Middle East also have elevated their level of alert for their military forces. A U.S. official has even warned an attack could take place “soon or within 48 hours.” 

The top commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, Hossein Salami, recently issued what he described as a warning to Saudi leaders not to rely on Israel and mentioned their “glass palaces”.

The leading Sunni Muslim and Shi’ite powers have been locked in rivalry for decades, backing allies fighting proxy wars across the region.

Riyadh had blessed U.S.-brokered pacts under which two of its Gulf allies forged ties with Israel in 2020. The move created a new regional anti-Iran axis but also launched direct talks with Tehran last year in a bid to contain tensions amid Gulf uncertainty over U.S. commitment to the region.

Saudi Arabia had blamed Iran for a 2019 missile and drone assault on its oil plants, a charge Tehran denies. The latest concerns come amid strained relations between the United States and Saudi Arabia. 

After the Saudi-led OPEC+ oil bloc decided last month to cut oil output targets, relationships with the U.S. have become strained. It raised fears of a gasoline price spike in the U.S. 

President Joe Biden had said there will be consequences for U.S. ties with Riyadh for the decrease in oil output. In Congress, several senators urged the White House to freeze all cooperation with Riyadh, including arms sales. 

Saudi Arabia relies heavily on the United States for its security.

The United States has said Iran has supplied Russia with drones for use in its war against Ukraine, prompting Washington to set aside efforts to resurrect the Iran nuclear deal, which then-President Donald Trump abandoned in 2018.

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