Biden Reduces Infrastructure Deal to 1.7 Trillion to Appease Senate Republicans

White House officials involved in the work of the bipartisan infrastructure plan presented a counteroffer to the Senate Republicans, which is $600 billion less than the Biden’s previous version, CNBC reported.

However, not long after the newly proposed plan was revealed Republicans claimed that the new trimmed proposal now furthers their positions, after it appeared that there was some kind of a progress on the matter.

A White House memo sent to Republican Senator Shelley Moore Capito from West Virginia states that the newest plan would cost $1.7 trillion for over a one decade.

The White House memo also stated that President Joe Biden believed that the amendments to the first offer would spark progress and cooperation between both parties.

However, it was right away evident that there progress was almost nonexistent for the main elements in the legislation. These elements cover the definition of what the term infrastructure means, as well as the payment mechanisms.

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