President Biden Votes Early in Midterm Elections

midterm election

In the key Nov. 8 midterm elections, U.S. President Joe Biden voted early on Saturday. He also said that he would go to other states in the following days to support Democrats’ efforts to win as many votes as they could, Reuters reports.

According to polls, Democrats may not maintain control of both chambers of Congress if voter resentment at rising inflation squanders the momentum they had planned to gain from a contentious debate with Republicans over abortion rights.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband was brutally attacked, and President Biden expressed his concerns about the incident again, saying it was probably motivated by “malarkey” and misinformation about the election.

Republican National Committee spokesperson Nathan Brand expected broad gains for the party in the general election.

Experts predict that voter turnout, which is often far lower in midterm elections than in presidential election years, will play a crucial role in key states, and Democrats are pushing people to cast their votes early.

The U.S. Elections Project reports that 19,495,342 early ballots have been cast countrywide.

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