Biden Deems Paul Pelosi Attack ‘Despicable’

President Joe Biden condemned the attack on Speaker Pelosi’s husband Paul Pelosi as “despicable” and slammed people who promote untruths about rigged elections for poisoning the political atmosphere and fostering violent crime, Reuters reports.

In an uncommon joint appearance with Vice President Kamala Harris, Biden criticized “big pharma” and the oil industry for earning enormous profits at the expense of Americans at a $1 million fundraiser in Pennsylvania, a crucial swing state.

Biden remarked that the perpetrator who attacked Paul Pelosi with a hammer shouted “Where’s Nancy,” the same chant that Trump supporters used when they invaded the Capitol on January 6. Biden said that this suggested that the attack on Pelosi’s husband was actually directed at the speaker.

Biden addressed the Pennsylvania Democratic Party’s annual Independence Dinner, a significant state party event, and said it was not unexpected that one party’s repeated fabrications of stolen elections may have an impact on “those who may not be so well-balanced.”

Standing ovations were given to Biden by the audience, but he received the loudest shouts when he flashed his Phillies socks on stage, showing his support for the city’s baseball club in their quest to win the World Series.

The speech is a key component of a major campaign by prominent Democrats to support Pennsylvania Democrats in the last weeks leading up to the Nov. 8 midterm election. Polls indicate the Democrats may not win. With voter unhappiness about rising inflation sabotaging the momentum Democrats had planned to gain from the debate over abortion rights, Democrats may lose control of both houses of Congress.

With just under two weeks until election day, Biden and Harris will be in Pennsylvania, a key battleground state, for the 19th time since he took office last year.

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