Democratic Lawmakers Call for Arms Sales Ban for Saudi Arabia

In light of the oil production cuts from the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and its recently voiced support for Russia, Democratic lawmakers are proposing Washington to halt arms sales to Saudi Arabia.

Lawmakers believe that putting a stop to all US military supplies, sales and other weapons aid to Saudi Arabia would be the simplest, most urgent move to fortify US national security though some members of Congress also propose extending domestic antitrust laws to international commerce or withdrawing American troops from the Kingdom.

That idea, however, has previously failed given that Washington prefers having its own troops there than Russian or Chinese troops.

Democrats strongly condemned Saudi Arabia over the OPEC+ decision especially considering that it came after President Joe Biden personally asked the Kingdom’s leaders to increase oil production to help counter the impact of Russia’s war in Ukraine during his visit there this summer.

Rep. Ro Khanna believes it’s outrageous that Saudi Arabia drives up energy prices for the people in the United States which gives them 70% of their weapons, calling on Congress along with Sen. Richard Blumenthal to cut off arms sales.

They believe Washington can use as significant leverage the fact that Saudi Arabia could not easily find new weapons suppliers to ‘motivate’ Riyadh to reverse its “embrace” of Russian President Vladimir Putin after the White House accused it of siding with Russia.

Sen. Chris Murphy also believes that the US should “rethink” arms sales following the kingdom’s support for Russia in the war against Ukraine, stressing that there’s gotta be consequences for that.

Pointing out that it’s time to admit the Saudis are not looking out for the US, Murphy also suggested that Washington reconsider the OPEC+ oil cartel’s immunity from lawsuits or rethink its security relationship with Saudi Arabia.

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