Brennan Calls Trump National Security Risk

Former CIA Director John Brennan considers former President Donald Trump to be a national security risk with nefarious intentions, stressing that the former president’s action reminded him of someone recruited by foreign intelligence services.

Discussing the FBI raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home during his appearance on MSNBC’S “The ReidOut” Wednesday, Brennan insisted that based on Trump’s carelessness, he could have allowed foreign agents access to classified information.

Trump, on the other hand, continues to criticize the ongoing FBI and the US Justice Department investigation into Trump as a political attack, and Republicans are skeptical of the reason for the raid.

Brennan pointed out that both Trump and Mar-a-Lago were high-priority targets during his time in office and became foreign adversaries’ intelligence target afterward considering the reasonable doubt of him possessing information that would have provided insight into the US national security.

The former CIA director is convinced that Russians must’ve been trying to gain access to Mar-a-Lago after Jan. 20, 2021.

He believes Russian agents could’ve infiltrated Mar-a-Lago and stolen the documents Trump kept and emphasized that the potential damage of such actions is incalculable because no one knows precisely what might have been compromised since the intelligence community cannot know whether or not individuals made copies of those highly sensitive documents.

During the talk, both Brennan and the host suggested a double standard between the FBI’s treatment of Trump and that of Hillary Clinton, who was also accused of mishandling classified materials, claiming she never retained documents that she tried to keep and conceal.

FBI, however, established that Clinton kept classified material on her private email server and had deleted over 30,000 emails while several devices, servers, and computer drives were lost or destroyed prior to and during the investigation on her.

Brennan went as far as to imply that Trump acts like a traitor who spied on his own government for foreign adversaries, saying he reminded him of some government officials recruited by foreign intelligence services who did their utmost to conceal their activities and US Government documents he might’ve taken and stolen.

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