Biden Ramps Up Anti-Republican Rhetoric Ahead of Midterms

President Joe Biden has appeared to ramp up his rhetoric against the G.O.P. as this year’s midterm elections come closer. 

Biden appeared to take a swipe at Republican South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham and other Republicans during a speech in Pennsylvania. It came days after likening the MAGA movement established by former president Donald Trump to “semi-fascism.” 

In his speech on Tuesday in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, Biden took aim at Trump-aligned Republicans who have not criticized the Jan. 6 Capitol rioters. 

Biden said: “let me say this to my MAGA Republican friends in Congress: Don’t tell me you support the law enforcement if you won’t condemn what happened,” referring to the Jan. 6, 2021 insurrection on the U.S. Capitol. 

Biden also said it’s “sickening to see the new attacks on the FBI, threatening the lives of law enforcement agents and their families for simply carrying out the law and doing their job.”

The Republican Party frequently touts that it is the party of law and order. But lately, many staunch Republicans have been making death threats to FBI agents over its raid of Trump’s Florida Mar-a-Lago estate to retrieve top secret documents that the former president held onto. 

In the speech, Biden also addressed Republicans who have made calls to “defund the FBI” after the search of Trump’s home in Florida. 

“I’m opposed to defunding the police. I’m also opposed to defunding the FBI,” Biden said. 

Republicans like to claim all Democrats want to defund the police, but now it is the Republican Party calling for a defunding of law enforcement. 

It is worth noting that while Biden did not directly name Graham in his speech, he directly referenced remarks the Senator made earlier in the week. 

“No one expects politics to be patty cake,” Biden said. “Sometimes it gets mean as hell. But the idea you turn on a television and see senior senators and congressmen saying, ‘If such and such happens, there’ll be blood in the street.’ Where the hell are we?”

Graham had said in an interview on Sunday that if Trump is prosecuted in connection with the FBI search “there literally will be riots in the street.” Graham has been massively condemned for these remarks. 

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