Climate Change Tax Increase of $739 Billion Passed by House Democrats

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In a time of record-high inflation and poor levels of presidential job approval, President Biden’s domestic program received a boost on Friday when the House Democrats passed a $739 billion climate change, tax increase, and healthcare measure, Fox News informed.

The House approved the proposal on a party-line vote of 220-to-207.

All Republicans opposed the bill, with the exception of three who did not vote, but every single Democrat backed it.

Republicans aggressively opposed the law, claiming that its features would hurt the American economy and place additional demands on employees.

The law, which has already been approved by the Senate, is now on its way to the president, who will sign it soon, according to expectations.

Its passage is a victory for Biden, whose brief time in office has been marred by recession, rising unemployment, and 40-year high inflation.

Democrats started drafting the bill soon after Biden was elected.

The legislation, which was first known as Build Back Better, was put forth as a comprehensive renovation of the country’s economic and climatic infrastructure.

That version of the proposal, which had a price tag of more than $3.5 trillion, collapsed in the face of Democratic division in the 50–50 Senate.

Sen. Joe Manchin specifically declined to support the legislation last year due to worries that it would increase inflation.

Since there was so much GOP opposition, the package could only be passed through the Senate on party lines via a procedure called budget reconciliation. The West Virginia Democrat’s objection was enough to kill the bill.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, a Democrat from New York, attempted to resurrect the measure over Manchin’s opposition.

The Inflation Reduction Act came into being as a result of the secret discussions between Schumer and Manchin.

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