Rubio Blasted for Calling Same-Sex Marriage Bill ‘Waste of Time’

GOP Senator Marco Rubio was slammed on Sunday by Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg who called out Florida Senator for branding the vote on a bill protecting same-sex marriage a stupid waste of time.

Rubio’s latest comments referred to the Respect for Marriage Act – which would codify marriage rights for same-sex and interracial couples- that the House advanced.

Buttigieg wondered how Rubio doesn’t have time to protect marriages like his – he shares twins with his husband Chasten Buttigieg- but has time to fight against Disney.

Sen. Rubio was among the Florida GOP officials who attacked Disney earlier this year over its opposition to the “Don’t Say Gay” bill aiming to restrict the discussion of gender identity in elementary schools.

The Respect for Marriage Act was introduced by Democrats concerned about Supreme Court’s opinion overturning Roe v. Wade, in which Justice Clarence Thomas also called on the court to revisit marriage equality, among other rights.

Talking about the bill in the context of his own marriage, Buttigieg, the first openly LGTBQ+ Cabinet secretary approved by the Senate, noted he doesn’t understand why voting for the bill would be hard for a senator or a congressman considering how reassuring it would really be for a lot of families around America – including his.

In a video posted on Twitter later on Sunday, Rubio responded to the transportation secretary stressing he’ll rather focus on the real problems instead of the agenda of the modern Democratic Party that is currently dictated by a bunch of Marxist misfits and affluent elite liberals.

Rubio also pointed out that Buttigieg didn’t know the difference between state and federal-level fights.

Republicans are among social conservatives that believe marriage should be defined as being between a man and a woman, so the bill poses a problem for them given the widespread public support for same-sex marriage recognition.

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