ICE Director Nominee Withdraws from Consideration

More than a year after being nominated for the position of director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement by President Joe Biden, Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said that he has withdrawn from consideration for the position, Fox News informed.

On Monday, Gonzalez tweeted that he had “come to this choice after praying about what’s best for the nation, his family, as well as the people that live in Harris County.”

Gonzalez stated in a statement posted on social media, ” that he is thankful to President Joe Biden for nominating him, adding that he wishes this administration well as it attempts to overcome the debilitating legislative impasse that threatens far more than our country’s border.” He also said that the dysfunction threatens the heart and spirit of America.”

The sheriff of Texas’ largest county, Gonzalez, observed that the US Senate has not confirmed any ICE director since the Biden administration and that his nomination has been in limbo for more than a year.

Due to charges of domestic abuse against the sheriff, Sen. James Lankford of Oklahoma expressed doubts about Gonzalez’s candidacy in March and urged Democrats to postpone the vote.

Gonzalez’s resignation occurs as a large number of migrants are entering the country from the south.

Customs and Border Protection exceeded the previous record of 235,478 interactions in April by counting a record 239,416 encounters with migrants in May.

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