Louisiana Court Halts State Laws that Would Have Banned Abortions

On Monday, a court in Louisiana temporarily overturned 3 state laws that would have prohibited almost all abortions, Fox News informed.

The abortion restrictions were supposed to be enforced, only when the Supreme Court of US ever reversed Roe v. Wade, which was the case on Friday.

Similar legislation, known as “trigger laws,” have been passed by many jurisdictions across the US.

Shortly after an abortion clinic in the state filed a lawsuit, Judge Robin Giarrusso from the Orleans Parish Civil District Court ordered the temporary halt, according to the ruling.

The Center for Reproductive Rights, which represents all of the abortion organizations, argues that the restrictions on abortion are unlawful and violate the due process rights of the providers.

The groups contend that the regulations are too ambiguous since they do not specify a start date after Roe.

On July 8, Giarrusso has set a court hearing for this lawsuit.

A ruling to extend the stay, will be made by the court.

Until then, abortions are still permitted in the state of Louisiana.

For the very first time since Roe v. Wade was ruled in 1973, state governments are now able to control the process of abortion. This decision has been made by the Supreme Court on Friday.

The trigger laws set to take place in Louisiana would forbid abortions under all circumstances except for when the mother is in danger of death or serious damage.

There are no exceptions to the rules even for rape and incest.

Similar trigger laws to Louisiana’s have been enacted in a dozen other US states.

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