Honduran Foreign Minister Fears Mass Migration after Title 42 Repeal

With the elimination of the CDC’s public health policy of Title 42, an order that permits federal authorities to promptly expel migrants at US borders declaring a health pandemic, Honduras’ Foreign Minister fears that migration to the US may grow, Fox News informed.

Honduran Foreign Minister Eduardo Enrique Reina spoke with Fox News on his recent meetings with officials from the Biden administration, measures to combat internal corruption, and migratory issues along the southern border. Foreign Minister Reina was asked by Fox News if there was any concern about a mass emigration to the United States if the Biden administration ended Title 42.

Hondurans accounted for 14% of the migrants who were deported under Title 42. The policy was implemented in March 2020 in response to the Covid-19 Pandemic. According to CBP data, over 100,000 Honduran migrants have been intercepted since the start of the fiscal year. The Biden administration announced that Title 42 will be phased down on May 23rd, but that order was overturned by a federal judge in Louisiana earlier this week.

Honduras has played an important role in the Biden administration’s efforts to resolve the immigration crisis. It is part of Central America’s Northern Triangle, from which over 680,000 migrants arrived in FY 2021.

Vice President Kamala Harris visited President Xiomara Castro’s inauguration in January, when she spoke about fighting corruption and illegal migration. Castro is the leader of the left-leaning Libre party.

Foreign Minister Reina came to Washington and New York with a group of White House and State Department officials, including Juan Sebastian Gonzalez, senior director of the National Security Council’s Western Hemisphere department. They talked about the necessity for more direct help to Honduras in order to stem the flow of migrants to the United States.

Anti-corruption policies and procedures were also brought up. Juan Orlando Hernandez, the former president of Honduras, was recently extradited to the United States on drug trafficking and firearms allegations stemming from his tenure in government.

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