Moscow Condemns Claims by FBI Head that Russia Shelters Ransomware Attackers

Moscow is resolutely opposed to FBI head’s statements on Russia being a haven for malicious ransomware actors, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov says. Speaking at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum on Friday, Peskov called Christopher Wray’s comments emotionally charged, reminding that hackers exist in every country in the world.

The Wall Street Journal quoted FBI Director Christopher Wray on Thursday as saying that a great number of all of the known ransomware attackers can be traced back to Russia and pointed that if the Russian government wants to show that it’s serious about this issue, there’s a lot of room for them to demonstrate some real progress that the U.S. is not seeing right now.

Wray noted that the scale of the cybercrime could be compared to the challenges the U.S. faced in the wake of the 9/11 attacks with FBI investigating almost 100 different types of malicious software responsible for various ransomware attacks.

Wray’s comments echoed US subsidiary of Brazilian meat processor JBS, who was recently targeted by a cybersecurity attack which the company blamed on hackers likely based in Russia.

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