Pentagon Asked to Send Military to Help DHS with Migrants in Texas

Faced with the migrant crisis in south-central Texas, where at least 15,000 Haitian migrants illegally entered the US late last week under the Del Rio-Acuna International Bridge, the Department of Homeland Security asked Pentagon for help regain control.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has confirmed DHS has asked the Pentagon to send military assistance within all-of-federal-government effort in partnership with state and local authorities in the civil society.

According to Pentagon spokesman, DHS had requested help specifically with transporting migrants from the border to its holding facilities.

John Kirby said the Pentagon’s support will be on a reimbursable, temporary basis, and will conclude on or before Oct. 20 at minimal risk to current DOD missions. Should it approve the plan, the Pentagon would also lend some of its contracted air support to the mission.

Though they cannot arrest someone for illegal entry since it’s is a federal offense, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott deployed state troopers to patrol and deter migrants considering the fact that no federal law enforcement is on guard at the border’s riverbank.

They’re virtually all busy processing and transporting the record-high number of illegal immigrants in custody in Del Rio.

Meanwhile, it seems that some Customs and Border Patrol agents have landed themselves in trouble after a video and images showing them horseback chasing down migrants at the US southern border has prompted an investigation by the DHS.

El Paso Times published images showing agents holding a “whip” on horseback chasing down Haitian migrants at the southern border with Mexico, while other photos show a horse mounted border agent aggressively grabbing at a migrant.

Al Jazeera English, on the other hand, published a video of border agent using his horse to steer migrants back towards the river, verbally attacking them in the process.

The department said in a statement it takes these allegations very seriously and stressed it does not tolerate the abuse of migrants in its custody

CPB is also investigating the matter within its Office of Professional Responsibility, whose personnel is engaged on site full-time to ensure DHS personnel executes its duties consistent with applicable policies and training and the Department’s values.

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