Progressive Lawmakers Pressure Biden for Title 42 Repeal

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Progressive politicians asked that President Biden withdraw the Title 42 border measure on Thursday, and warned other Democrats not to give in to political pressure by adopting Trump’s “xenophobic” immigration policies, Fox News informed.

Pressley and other progressive lawmakers held a press conference outside the Capitol on Thursday, flanked by the immigration activists, to speak out against Title 42 at a time when a chorus of moderate Democrats is urging Biden to postpone the planned repeal on May 23.

Under former President Donald Trump’s administration, the Title 42 health order was adopted in March 2020 as a means of keeping COVID-19 beyond American borders and expelling the majority of people claiming asylum at the border. Despite concerns that repealing it would exacerbate the border situation, President Biden’s administration left it in place. However, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (the CDC) just announced that Title 42 expulsions will terminate on May 23 since the public health order is “no longer essential.”

Unless a short-term court order preserving Title 42 in place is still in effect, the Biden Administration stated it will proceed with the rollback on May 23.

Progressives also criticized their Democratic allies who have warned of a border crisis if Title 42 is abolished now.

Republicans have slammed Biden for seeking to repeal Title 42, claiming that it will result in a spike at the US-Mexico border, which is already overburdened. Progressives, on the other hand, criticized Republicans for failing to collaborate with them on comprehensive immigration reform, accusing them of delaying a resolution in order to stir anti-immigrant sentiment for political gain.

She asked her Democratic colleagues to “not be scared to lean into” the issue, urging them to embrace the immigrants and fight for a “fair and humane immigration system” to oppose the “Republican bigotry.”

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