Biden Avoids Reporter Questions, Heads Back to Camp David after Nation’s Address

US President Biden has not answered on reporter’s questions after he addressed the nation about the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan, Fox News informed.

Instead, he ignored all the shouts from the journalists and left the stage where he gave the speech and headed back to Camp David.

While the ongoing situation in Afghanistan has swiftly worsened, Biden got back to the White House on Monday in the wake of an increasing pressure on him to address the nation about the latest occurrences.

The President has accused the former Trump administration and the military troops of Afghanistan of the current events and did not want to answer the reporter’s questions after he concluded the speech.

President Biden argued that it is not right to leave the US troops to fight battles that the Afghan army is not willing to fight, although he previously assured that the military in the South Asian country is fully ready for the absence of the United States.

The US President said that he stands firm on his decision to withdraw the troops from Afghanistan, but he also admitted that the Taliban offensive’s pace has caught the administration unprepared.

Biden also noted that the United States could not provide the Afghans the strong will to fight the battles for their future and the future of their country.

The president then spoke about the Taliban forces, saying that the United States made clear to them that they will use force if the group tries to hamper the evacuations of embassy staffers and others at the airport in Kabul.

Biden said that if the Taliban disrupt the whole operation, the US presence there will forcefully and swiftly return to these disruptions.

The White House noted that Presiden Biden will be headed back to Camp David after the speech, spending only 4 hours in Washington.

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