Economic Frustration Brings Biden’s Approval Near Record Low

As Americans are becoming increasingly frustrated with the economy, the ABC News and The Washington Post new poll shows that President Joe Biden’s approval rating hit a near-record low.

Marking a four-point drop from November, when the same sourced poll found that Biden had a 41% approval rating among adults in the US, the new poll published on Sunday found that 37% of American adults strongly or somewhat approve of the way Biden is handling his job as president.

A total of 55% of Americans said they strongly or somewhat disapprove of Biden’s presidency work while seven percent said they have no opinion.

However, this is only the second-lowest approval rating for Biden after the 33% approval rating that he received among US adults polled by Quinnipiac University last month.

The career-low approval rating for Biden comes as Americans are grappling with economic frustrations enticed by a 7,5% increase in consumer prices at the end of January – the fastest rate since February 1982 – and the inflation that has been elevated since mid-2021.

With regards to the state of the US economy, 39% of Americans said it is “poor,” 36 percent said it’s “not so good,” 21% believe it’s good while only three percent of respondents said it is currently “excellent.”

One percent of the US adults had no opinion on the issue.

When it comes to approving how President Biden is handling the economy, only 37% greenlighted it compared to 58% who disapproved it while five percent had no opinion.

The majority of US adults (54%) say the economy got somewhat or much worse under President Biden, 27% believe it remained the same, while only 17% think it has improved much or somewhat.

One percent said they trusted both while three percent had no opinion

With regards to the trust in parties, 54% of US adults trust Republicans to do a better job at handling the economy compared to 35% who believe the same of Democrats. Around 7% of Americans trusted neither.

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