Thousands of IS Terrorists Could Be at Large in Syria After Military Operation

Thousands of Islamic State terrorists may have been released in Syria in the aftermath of a special military operation of the Kurdish forces and the US in the Syrian province of Hasakah, CBS reported.

The jihadists could be at large because Kurdish forces failed to take control of the situation on time.

After IS terrorists managed to capture a prison in Hasakah, up to three thousand jihadists could leave Syrian territory. However, given that the clashes continue, the situation is still far from being controlled.

According to experts, the only thing holding back the terrorists from defeating the Kurds is the lack of sufficient weapons from the militants. However, even a few hundred terrorists have already become a huge problem.

Recently, Kurdish militias announced they were taking control of the situation, although local sources report that violent clashes continue.

Given the data of several sources, the Kurds decided to negotiate with the terrorists of the Islamic State. Some of the terrorists were completely released without a fight.

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