Bennett: Israel Will Continue Its Iran Strategy Even if a Deal Is Made

Israel will follow its strategy of fighting the “Iranian aggression” regardless of whether world powers reach an agreement with Iran at the Vienna talks, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett told The Jerusalem Post.

“Israel’s strategy does not depend on whether there is an agreement or not,” Bennett said.

“We will protect ourselves. We will retain our freedom of action. Even if there is an agreement, we are not committed to it. The Americans and we disagree,” Bennett said, speaking out against the easing of sanctions on Iran.

“A deal that sends tens of billions of dollars to this rotten and weak regime will be a mistake because that money will go to terror against IDF soldiers and Americans in the region,” Bennett said.

According to Bennett, Iran “is playing poker with a feeble card, but it is bluffing.”

The Israeli prime minister also noted that “Israel has conveyed a message to its friends in the US and Europe who are negotiating with Iran that the mullah regime should not get the money.”

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