US Forces Deploy AH-64 Apache Attack Helicopters in Syria

For the third day in Syria, clashes continue between Kurdish detachments of the Syrian Democratic Forces, supported by the US, and ISIS militants in the province of Hasakah.

Initially, exclusively Kurdish armed groups tried to cope with the activity of the militants, but they failed to do this. As a result, the American command decided to launch a special operation against ISIS in the province of Hasakah.

During this operation, the US contingent involved combat aircraft, including attack helicopters AH-64 Apache, for the first time in a while.

The center of militant activity in the said province is located in the Al-Sinaa prison area, where several hundred ISIS members are imprisoned.

The US contingent offered the militants to stop resisting and surrender, but those proposals were ignored. After that, US planes appeared over the Gweiran region at night, dropping flares.

US Army Bradley armored vehicles advanced to the Al-Sinaa area, as US helicopters attacked militants from the air.

U.S. Major General John Brennan, Jr., commander of the joint US forces in Syria, said, “in their desperate attempt to demonstrate their importance, ISIS militants have passed judgment on themselves.”

Two AH-64 Apache attack helicopters are involved in the operation in the southeast of the city of Al Hasek. They use aircraft cannons with high-explosive fragmentation ammunition. There is no data on the use of air-to-ground missiles at this moment.

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