UAE Intercepts 2 Ballistic Missiles Over Abu Dhabi

The United Arab Emirates intercepted two ballistic missiles launched by Yemen’s Houthi rebels. 

The missiles were targeting the capital city Abu Dhabi in the second attack in only a week’s time. 

The latest aggression further escalates tensions across the Persian Gulf. A series of escalating events has occurred near, but never fully reached the ground of, the UAE. That, combined with the ongoing war in Yemen, and the collapse of the Iran nuclear deal with global superpowers, has created a tenacious situation. 

The UAE has made serious efforts to increase the tourism and business industries in its country. For years, the Emirates has painted itself to be a safe haven in the Middle East. The attacks threaten the country’s position as a place for safe travel and safe business. 

On social media, videos appeared showing the Abu Dhabi sky light up just before dawn broke on Monday morning, with what appears to be missiles being intercepted. 

The media agency run by the state, WAM, reported that missile fragments fell over Abu Dhabi but that they were harmless. 

The country said that it is ready to deal with all threats to its nation. 

The spokesperson for the Houthi military, Yehia Sarei, claimed the attack in a statement on television. He said that the Houthis targeted the UAE with missiles and drones, and warned that the UAE would continue to remain a target for them as long as it continues to help the other side in the Yemen war. 

American citizens in Abu Dhabi were warned by the US embassy to maintain high levels of security awareness. 

One week ago, the Houthis claimed a different attack on Abu Dhabi, which targeted the airport and a fuel depot in the suburbs. That attack was deadly, killing three and wounding six. 

The Saudi-led coalition that the UAE is a part of launched airstrikes recently in the Yemen war, which the Houthis vowed to seek revenge over. 

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