State Department Tells US Travelers to ‘Make Contingency Plans’

state department

As nations throughout the world cope with increased numbers of coronavirus cases caused by the omicron variety, the State Department cautioned on Thursday that Americans going overseas “should establish contingency plans.”

Americans aged 2 and up returning to the United States after overseas travel will need to show confirmation of coronavirus recovery or a negative COVID-19 test done within one day of their return, according to the State Department, The Hill reported.

The State Department said that other foreign governments may have further coronavirus advice for travelers when they arrive in the nation.

The warning demonstrates how seriously officials are taking the new omicron variety, whose proliferation has already resulted in personnel shortages and service cutbacks in the United States.

The variety, which was identified barely a month ago in South Africa, is highly transmissible, according to health experts, although early evidence shows it may not be as severe as the delta strain for those who have been vaccinated.

According to South African research that looked at a hospital system at the “epicenter” of the new type, omicron appeared to have passed its peak and was not associated with an increase in hospitalization or mortality.

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