Mark Zuckerberg Buys More Hawaii Land

Mark Zuckerberg now owns a whopping landmass of 1,500 acres on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. 

The Facebook CEO and tech billionaire made an additional purchase this week of 110 more acres of land, adding to his already controversial estate for a grand total of 1,500 acres. 

The purchase, costing $17 million, grew his massive Hawaii compound even more. It is his second purchase in 2021. In March, he snapped up 600 acres of land for $53 million. The land included a public beach, as well as a working cattle ranch. His first massive land purchase was in 2014, in which he grabbed 750 acres on the island. 

Zuckerberg’s buying up of Kauai has been controversial since the beginning. Local Hawaiians and residents see his presence as a “new monarchy,” and say that he has completely failed to respect Hawaii and its history.  

Zuckerberg has named his estate “Ko’olau Ranch,” and it sits on the prime and pristine Kauai north shore. The latest purchase includes a renowned century-old reservoir whose dam broke in 2006, leading to a deadly flood on the island that killed seven. It has not yet been repaired, and therefore is tagged as being high risk and legally requires represents made around the reservoir. 

The enormous property currently has cattle and horses, as well as a nursery, organic ginger farm, and a numeric farm. 

His overwhelming presence on the island has not been warmly welcomed, and Zuckerberg continues to dismiss local concerns. In 2016, he built a huge 6-foot wall around his property, immediately prompting local anger for the obstruction. In 2017, he sullied the relationship even further, by filing lawsuits against families who had ownership claims to pieces of land within his massive estate.

The residents said this move was frankly neocolonialism. The suit was eventually dropped, due to local outrage. 

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