UNL Blasted for Anti-racism Plan

Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts, Photo: EPA

UNL, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln has removed an Ibram Kendi reference, and other parts of the anti-racism plan, after getting criticism from the governor of the state, Fox News informed.

A website for the UNL’s “Journey for Anti-Racism and Racial Equity” in November stated that it backed the definition of Ibram Kendi about anti-racism.

According to an internet archive, the reference to Kendi was gone as of December 1. Another part that was criticized by Republican Governor Pete Ricketts has also dissapeared.

A spokesperson for the UNL told Fox News on Friday that the work towards racial equality is their primary goal. Due to the fact that the language in some paragraphs of the plan was mischaracterized they decided to eliminate it and clear all of their distractions from their ultimate goal.

Kendi became a main focus in the debate over the CRT (Critical Race Theory) and the trainings for equity across US. The book has been referenced in training asserts that back discrimination as tool of anti-racism.

The column issued by the governor confronted the definition of anti-racism that Kendi provided and slammed the assertions about racism.

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