Psaki Gives No Update if China is Helping in Covid-19 Origins Tracking

Jen Psaki, the press secretary of the White House said on Friday that she had no updates if President of China Xi Jinping is helping the Biden administration and US intelligence to trach Covid-19 origins, Fox News informed.

Psaki did not deny that US President Joe Biden did not ask Xi Jinping for assistance in this manner at a virtual meeting that occurred last month.

However, Psaki said that the President’s messaging was very clear in terms of tracking the origins of Covid-19.

Psaki also said that the US officials for national security have conveyed clearly and that it is no secret that our country is tracking down the Covid-19 origins.

To the question, if Xi Jinping helped in this process, Psaki answered that the Biden administration will appreciate cooperation and support in this investigation, but that she doesn’t have any new updates on the participation of China and Xi in this process.

Xi called President Biden an old friend ahead of the virtual summit last month.

In contrast, Psaki mentioned that Biden considers Xi to be someone he has known for some time and he has a candid relationship with.

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