Governor Matthew McConaughey? Not yet

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You won’t be calling Matthew McConaughey a Governor just yet. 

McConaughey has long been reported to be on the verge of running for Texas governor. But that won’t be happening in next year’s election in 2022, McConaughy announced

McConaughey holding off on potential political endeavors partially paves the way for former Democratic Representative Beto O’Rourke to challenge sitting governor, Republican Greg Abbott. A new poll last week found that McConaughey was ahead of both Abbott and O’Rourke in public support, suggesting that the actor could defeat either. 

The Academy Award-winning actor and bestselling memoirist made the announcement on social media Sunday night, which marked two weeks before the deadline to enter the state race for the governor’s desk. He said that while he has been considering and exploring a potential political run, it is not the path he is choosing at this exact moment.

He said that instead, he will be looking to offer support for businesses, foundations, establishments, and organizations that are doing good for society. 

Abbott is running for a third term. Across the country, many want to see Abbott replaced, due to aggressively conservative laws that he has signed in over the past few years.

One law in particular that has drawn vast international criticism is a sweeping abortion ban that makes it illegal to get an abortion at the six week mark — before the majority of women know they are pregnant — with no exceptions for rape or incest. 

Abbott had his lowest ever approval rating in September since he took office, with only 41 percent supporting him and more than 50 percent fully disapproving. 

The O’Rouke campaign is barreling ahead, with the gubernatorial candidate raising $2 million dollars in the first day of his bid for governor. His campaign has said that the amount is a record sum for any Democratic candidate for governor to raise within the first 24 hours and that it marks the most amount raised in a 24 hour period for any of the campaigns launched so far in 2021. O’Rourke is arguably the most known and liked Democrat in Texas.

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