Woman Who Trespassed at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Deported to China

A woman who was convicted of trespassing at the famous Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach, Florida has been deported to China, more than two years after serving her sentence. 

Businesswoman Yujing Zhang was handed over to immigration services in December 2019 following completion of an eight-month sentence. Her deportation was delayed continuously over the past two years, mainly because of the Covid pandemic. She has been held at the Glades County Detention Center until this weekend. 

In March 2019, Zhang flew from China to Florida to attend a gala at Mar-a-Lago. She was arrested and held without bail.

During her court case in April 2019, she was found guilty of trespassing and for lying to the Secret Service about why she was there. According to reports, she evaded two checkpoints staffed by the Secret Service but was stopped by a club receptionist. 

When she was sentenced, Zhang said that she had gone to Mar-a-Lago to meet then-President Donald Trump and his family, and to make friends, not just with the Trumps, but with other people at the club.

According to text messages on her phone, the gala she said she was attending had been canceled prior to her flight from China, but she claimed to be attending it when she arrived anyway. In an additional claim, Zhang said that Trump invited her to the club, but the judge presiding over the case said this was a lie as well.

At the time, she was reported to have been carrying two Chinese passports and a device with computer malware. Other items in her hotel room included a signal detector that is typically used to detect hidden cameras, nine USB drives, five SIM cards for phones, a cell phone, $8,000 in cash, and multiple credit and debit cards.

Her exact motives were not determined in the court case.

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