Republicans Submit $2bn Military Aid Bill for Taiwan

Republicans in the US Congress on Thursday introduced a bill that would provide Taiwan with $2 billion annually, as well as other aid to strengthen Taipei’s defenses, Reuters reported.

The bill obliges the Washington administration until 2032 to annually allocate $2 billion to Taiwan as part of the program for providing financial military assistance to foreign states.

Assistance will be provided through the provision of grants and loans to purchase weapons from the US. It is noted that the financing will be carried out on certain conditions, including the commitment of Taiwan to cover the costs of the United States, as well as the agreement of Taipei and Washington to carry out joint long-term planning for the development of military capabilities.

The initiative will also amend the current US arms export control law, which regulates arms sales overseas, to make it easier for US companies to conduct deals with Taiwan.

The proposal will also require the US administration to provide Congress with annual assessments of Taiwan’s defense strategy.

Lawmakers intend to strengthen US-Taiwan military engagement and expand professional military education and technical training opportunities in the US for Taiwanese military personnel.

“Protecting Taiwan is critical to maintaining the United States’ credibility as an advocate of democratic values ​​and free market principles embodied by the people and government of Taiwan,” the bill states.

Military-technical cooperation between Washington and Taipei raises concerns in Beijing, which emphasizes the island’s belonging to the PRC and calls on the White House to abide by the “one China” policy.

Taiwan has been governed by its own administration since 1949, but according to the official position supported by most countries, including Russia, it is considered one of the Chinese provinces.

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