Beijing Urges US to Reveal Details of Submarine Accident in South China Sea

China is urging the US to provide detailed explanations regarding the incident with the nuclear submarine in the South China Sea, as well as to stop the demonstration of force and as well as their provocations in the region, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin warned on Friday.

Earlier, the US Navy reported that the officers who commanded a US nuclear submarine that collided with a seamount in the South China Sea were removed from their posts due to a loss of confidence.

Three senior officers of the submarine, as well as its captain Cameron Aljilani, have lost their jobs. “We again call on the United States to clarify in detail the circumstances of the accident, as well as to fully respond to the concerns and fears of the countries of the region,” the diplomat said.

He pointed out that the US should stop creating problems and provocations everywhere, as well as stop showing strength and taking actions that are detrimental to the sovereignty and security of other countries.

The Seawolf-class nuclear attack submarine USS Connecticut (SSN 22) collided with the object while submerged on the afternoon of October 2 in the international waters of the Indo-Pacific region, injuring 11 crew members.

The submarine remains at the base in Guam for damage assessment, and will later go to the US for repairs.

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