President Biden Mocked over his Clinched Fists on Town Hall Appearance

Users of social media used the internet once again to mock the US President Joe Biden’s latest gestures on a recent town hall, Fox News informed.

The crowd of social media users compared Biden and his behaviour to the character named Beavis from the cartoon Beavis and Butt-head.

At one moment during the town hall, the President clinched his fists holding his arms bent out in front of him.

The moment was then cut and shared on different social media accounts, one of them belonging to the political commentator Mike Cernovich who asked what was Biden doing in his appearance.

Andrew Bogut, a former NBA player said that the president is straight comedy.

Some other users shared posts that contained the image of Biden alongside a picture of Beavis, who is also known as The Great Cornholio, his hyperactive alter-ego.

A user on Twitter said that the President looked just like he was about to turn into Beavis’s alter-ego. Another Twitter used said that Biden impersonated Beavis a bit too good.

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