McCarthy Requests Meeting with Biden, Cites Alarming Numbers on Southern Border

Kevin McCarthy, the House GOP Leader requested to meet with US President Joe Biden amid alarming numbers from the southern border, which showcased more than 192,000 encounters just in September, Fox News informed.

McCarthy addressed Biden in a letter on Saturday, saying that he wants to voice his concerns about the ongoing crisis on the border and to request a meeting on which they will urgently discuss this issue.

McCarthy used the newly obtain CBP (Custom and Border Protection) statistics which showed only e thin margin decrease from the 200,000 encounters registered in August.

This means that in the Fiscal Year 2021, there were more than 1.7 million encounters on the southern border which is an annual record.

Members of the GOP have already sounded the alarm about the numbers, but also about possible terror threats and suspects who might have crossed the border, knowing that all the Border agents are overwhelmed.

McCarthy stated that the statistics are alarming, adding the CBP has made over 1.4 million arrests for illegal crossings since Biden took office. He also said that this is an unprecedented crisis and that he will work with the Biden administration towards solving it.

Biden and his administration claimed that the current situation is a challenging one, but accused the Trump administration and the shutting down on the legal asylum ways for it.

The Biden administration also said that the root causes for the surge of migrants are the bad situation of the countries that they come from and the rise in poverty and violence.

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