Darrell Issa Accused Biden Administration for Betraying Americans in Afghanistan

On Thursday, the Biden administration proposed a $100 million investment in the healthcare business by financing state initiatives targeted at recruiting and keeping workers in neglected regions
Image credit: EPA

Republican Representative Darrell Issa, from California, and other GOP members accused Biden administration of betrayal of the US citizen abroad, Fox News informed.

The move arrives after the State Department on Friday admitted that the number of Americans who are still in Afghanistan is significantly higher than it was previously assessed.

Officials from the US State Department briefed the staff of the Congress telling that they are in touch with 363 US citizens that are currently in Afghanistan, and around 176 people with permanent residence permits.

These numbers show a different picture than what was previously thought and estimated by the Biden administration which estimated around 100 people stranded in Afghanistan.

This outcome is from the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, which left some people, both Americans and Afghans, stranded and trying to escape the country before the Taliban took power.

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