Biden Might be Dragged into FBI Investigation into his Son

A Tuesday report argues that US President Biden might get drawn into the FBI probe that investigates his son’s finances, due to the payment of each other’s bills and sharing bank accounts, Fox News informed.

According to emails that were obtained by from the Hunter Biden’s computer that was abandoned showed that Eric Schwerin, his business partner, has been working on the tax returns of Joe Biden, and there have been discussions that the father and the son should pay each other’s bills.

In addition, the emails proved that Schwering was fielding book deal requests from the then Vice-President Joe Biden, and also managing the donation of Vice-president’s Senate papers to the Delaware University.

The son of President Biden claimed that he and his father possessed a share bank account and he admitted that a federal investigation was launched over his taxes.

The emails show that Schwerin wrote to Hunter Biden on April 9, 2010, that he was dealing with JRB’s taxes all afternoon, but he solved a very big issue.

On June 10, in the same year, Schwerin wrote Hunter Biden that the tax refund check from his father was received and that after depositing it to vice-president’s account he will write a check with the same amount back to him as his father owed him that money.

It is still not known what Joe Biden owed Hunter Biden money for.

According to a money laundering and criminal tax law expert, the entanglements might be a reason for dragging US President Biden into the probe of FBI.

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