Kamala Harris Space Video Featured Child Actors

kamala harris

Kamala Harris, US Vice President has used child actors in the first installment for a YouTube space series, Fox News informed.

The series named “Get Curious with Vice President Harris,” is aimed at sparking an interest in children for space topics, and included an appearance by Shane Kimbrough, a NASA astronaut from the ISS (International Space Station). However, the kids that were part of the first installment were only a team of child actors, that included the 13-year-old Trevor Bernardino.

In one of the scenes, the Vice President is saying that the children will learn so much and that they will see the craters of the moon with their own eyes.

The children actors appear to be very excited, and the Vice President looks like she is saying something to them which they do not know. All of the children seem to be overly enthusiastic in the whole video.

Bernardino, who is from California, and was part of the video, said for KSBW TV that he has submitted a monologue after which he was called for an interview.

After a week from the interview, the kid’s agent called him to say that he got the role in the series.

The rest of the actor’s crew features, Emily Kim Zhoriel Tapo, Derrick Brooks II, and Sydney Schmooke, while the show was filmed in August in order to be released for world space week.

The video, also produced by Sinking Ship Entertainment, a Canadian company, displays the group which meets with Kimbrough from the ISS in a Zoom meeting. The astronaut takes the kid to a scavenger hunt in order to purchase and collect tools so they can later build a telescope. After that, the group of children meets with Harris, which is a highlight of the tour to the Naval Observatory for the actor Bernardino.

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