California: Attorney General Launches Investigation on Oil Spill in Huntington Beach

The Justice Department in California has launched an investigation into an oil leak which has sparked fears of causing an environmental disaster close to Huntington Beach, Rob Bonta, California Attorney General stated on Monday, Fox News informed.

The Attorney General mentioned that officials are going to determine the cause of the leakage of thousands of gallons of crude oil from the pipeline of Amplify Energy and examine if the company could have done something in order for the spill to be prevented.

Bonta issued a press release saying that the spill in Huntington Beach is a disaster with enormous consequences for the fish and wildlife, but also for the economy and the communities. He also thanked the local and federal partners that are working towards protecting the health of California residents and mitigating the damage that was done to the natural resources.

Bonta also said that the job will be done only if everyone works together, adding that his office is devoted to allocated resources that are necessary for providing a seamless and full investigation.

According to the Los Angeles Times, he has not specified if the nature of the investigation is going to be criminal or civil.

Huntington Beach is now reopened after it was detected that there are no oil-related toxins present in the water. The action followed after several days of cleaning up efforts along the coastline, right after the spill was reported.

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