Governor Abbott Signs Order Banning Any Entity of Imposing Vaccine Mandate

governor abbott

Greg Abbott, the Governor of Texas introduced an executive order with which he bans any entity from enforcing a mandate for Covid-19 vaccines, Fox News informed.

Abbott issued a press release on Monday saying that although the vaccine is effective and a safe option against Covid-19, it should never be forced upon people and should be voluntary.

Abbotts order bans entities in Texas to request people to get the Covid-19 vaccine despite their objection for any personal reasons.

The order also applies to consumers and employees who do not want to receive vaccines due to medical reasons, religious beliefs, or prior recovery from the Covid-19.

The Governor also sent a message to the House of Representatives and the state’s Senate to formally request draft legislation that will codify a similar executive order into law.

Abbott’s move might be a response to US President Joe Biden’s executive order from September that requires all the employers that have more than 100 employees to mandate vaccines or submit the workers to weekly tests for the Covid-19.

Back then Abbott commented that the Biden administration was practically bullying private entities to impose vaccine mandates, which will cause many disruptions that will threaten the recovery of Texas from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Right now, the amount of people in Texas that have received the Covid-19 vaccine is 52%.

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