Pelosi Suggests Democrats Might Cut Biden’s Economic Plan


Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker said on Monday that the Democrats might cut entire portions of US President Joe Biden’s economic plan in order for it to be pushed through United States Congress, CNBC informed.

Some leaders of the party made clear that there will be likely cuts of $1 trillion or even more for the $3.5 trillion climate proposal and social safety net. The move is aimed at passing the bill, but with a very thin majority and not one vote from the GOP, Democrats will surely have to appease the centrists who required a bill much smaller in size.

Lawmakers have still not decided on how these cuts are going to be performed, whether by scaling back some of the programs or by fully cutting some of them. Nancy Pelosi on Monday suggested that her party might remove some of the policies and programs from the proposal in their entirety, but others will remain intact.

Pelosi addressed House Democrats that a very difficult decision would have to be made in order for both acts the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill and the Build Back Better Act to be passed on time.

However, the House Speaker did not mention which portion of the proposal might get cut, although she did imply that climate matters would remain one of the priorities. Scrapping parts of the plan might affect numerous benefits that many Americans will enjoy from the bill in the future.

The proposal in the current form is set to expand, paid leave, child care, and Medicare. It is also set to extend the household tax credits, make the first two years of community college free, and build a universal pre-K.

The plan would also incentivize green energy adoption, as well as the construction of climate-resilient infrastructure, through credits and other resources.

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