Mayorkas Cancels Border Wall Contracts

Alejandro Mayorkas

The Homeland Security Department made an announcement on Friday that it will cancel the border wall contracts in the Rio Grande Valley and Laredo sectors of the US-Mexico border, Fox News informed.

According to a press release, the CBP (US Customs and Border Protection), in coordination with USACE (US Army Corps of Engineers), is planning to cancel the border barrier contracts that are located in the USBP’s (US Border Patrol) Laredo sector and the contracts in the Rio Grande Valley Sector.

The press release also stated that after canceling the contracts, the Border Patrol will start planning and taking action in line with NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act) for previously planned barrier system projects that are located in the Laredo, El Centro, and Rio Grande Valley Sectors. All the actions that will be taken will not include constructing a new border barrier or involve any permanent acquisitions on land.

The DHS also urged the US Congress to cancel that border wall funding that is currently existent.

The statement argued that instead of providing support in funds for the border wall, the funding could be used for smarter security measures that cover border technology and modernizing the existing infrastructure or land ports of entry, that are more effective in providing security and safety at the border.

The news incited some criticism from GOP members who have constantly urged President Joe Biden to do something about the surge in immigrants at the border which has resulted in more than 1 million encounters between Border Patrol officials and illegal migrants.

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