Psaki Blames Unvaccinated Americans and Delta Variant for Biden’s Poor Rating

jen psaki

Jen Psaki, the Press Secretary of the White House was blasted on Friday about the newly released poor polling standings of US President Joe Biden among the Americans, Fox News informed.

Psaki said that the ones to blame are those who have made a decision not to get vaccines for Covid-19.

Psaki said that it was a really hard time for the US and that the country is still fighting against Covid-19, and many people considered that by now the pandemic would be dealt with.

She argued the new Delta variant exacerbated things, but that although the vaccine was approved for use in the US under the GOP administration and is now available for all the people in the United States, around 20% of the people still made a decision not to get vaccinated.

Additionally, the job report in September saw 194,000 jobs included in the US economy, which is a sharply smaller number than the estimated 500,000.

US President Joe Biden talked about the report on Friday and said that the record on the economy was a progress, although his approval rating stands at 38%.

Biden claimed that in his first eight months in office, the job creation is set at 5 million jobs, which means that progress has been made.

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