Rashida Tlaib Hails Group that Seeks US to Stop Aiding Israel

Rashida Tlaib

Democratic Representative Rashida Tlaib from Michigan took part in a virtual conference on Thursday that showcased support for the Palestinian people in Gaza, while demonizing the state of Israel, giving praise to people that participated for their activism on this issue, Fox News informed.

The “Gaza is Palestine” event’s host Mohammed El-Kurd, an activist from Palestine, earlier in the event said that the US should “end all the Israeli funding” and also stated that the US Congress was “spineless” for being an accomplice to Israel due to the aid provided to the Jewish country.

Rashida Tlaib appeared briefly in the event and praised everyone involved for their efforts.

The congresswoman said that she does not feel alone with all these supporters after she was asked whether it’s annoying being the only one in the US Congress to stand in support of Palestine and speak against Israel.

Tlaib added that she also gains her strength from everyone there.

Although Tlaib did not address the Jewish country directly in her appearance in the event, she has been part of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement whose agenda is pressuring and isolating Israel for the country’s racist policies.

The event on Thursday put focus on Israel’s airstrike on Gaza that occurred in May, where many Palestinians were killed.

El-Kurd stated that it is very clear who is the villain in this story, although Israel’s attack occurred after the terrorist organization Hamas had fired numerous rockets into Israel’s territory.

Israel’s army spokesperson said that all the Palestinian civilian casualties resulted from the attack on Hamas and were unintended. Due to the fact that Israel attacked the underground military base of Hamas, the homes of the civilians that were above the base were destroyed.

When the strike occurred, over 3,000 rockets were fired towards Israel from the Gaza region. The casualties from the side of Israel were few due to the defense system Iron Dome that intercepted most of those rockets.

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