President Biden’s Approval Rating Now Stands at 38%, New Survey Shows

The standing of US President Joe Biden among US citizens keeps dropping, new national poll shows, Fox News informed.

The approval rating of Biden is now 38%, and the disapproval rating stands at 53%, according to a Quinnipiac University survey that was published on Wednesday. The new percentage shows a drop from the 42% approval rating and 50% disapproval rating compared to the same university survey performed last month.

Joe Biden got a negative score in double digits in almost every key issue, according to the new survey, which was performed October 1-4. The biggest portion of those that were polled stated that the Biden administration does not have the competency to run the federal government.

The President’s approval rating stood around 50% during the first 6 months of his presidency. However, the rating started waning in August, amid the harshly criticized way of handling the American withdrawal from Afghanistan, and the surge in Covid-19 cases which was caused by the new delta variant. The plunge in Biden’s approval ratings was also hit by the surge of immigrants trying to enter the US on the southern border.

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