Despite Wide Available Jabs, COVID Claimed Over 700,000 Lives in US

COVID deaths

As of 01:00 GMT on Saturday, the staistics from Johns Hopkins University showed that 700,258 Americans have died of COVID with the United States having one of the highest recent death rates of any country despite the ample supply of vaccines, The New York Times reports.

The university statistics rely on data provided by international organizations, federal and local authorities that also shows more than 43.61 million Americans have been infected to date.

Just for comparison, the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention’s data (CDC) shows that the Spanish Flu pandemic (1918 to 1919) killed about 675,000 people in the US.

On top of that, University of Washington researchers projected that during the forthcoming winter, an additional 100,000 Americans will die.

According to the public health data analysis, the US has an average number of more than 2,000 COVID-19 deaths per day with 10,333 deaths related to the coronavirus recorded just over the past seven days.

The grim milestone comes as the nation continually sees an average of over 100,000 new cases per day over the past week, a number largely driven by the highly contagious delta variant, though the overall daily case count has appeared to wane in recent weeks.

The CDC’s latest health data also shows that some of the highest death rates in the country in the past week were recorded in the southern states with Texas on the top of the list with recorded 1,943 deaths over the last seven days followed by Georgia (746), North Carolina (512), Tennessee (409), Pennsylvania (370) and Ohio (349)

Only in September, up to 120,000 novel coronavirus cases were reported to be registered daily in the United States, putting the country in the top of the rest of the pandemic hit countries. In terms of reported coronavirus cases and deaths caused by COVID-19, the US ranked first and is followed by India (over 33,789,390 registered cases) and Brazil (over 21,445,650 registered cases).

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