Oath Keepers Leaked Membership List Shows US Army, Gov. Email Addresses

The transparency collective Distributed Denial of Secrets (DDoSecrets) shared on Monday Oath Keepers militia’s membership list featuring more than 160 official US government and military email addresses, reportedly leaked after the far-right group was allegedly hacked.

DDoSecrets published around 5GB of data – emails, chat logs, member records, donor lists and other documents- stolen from the Oath Keepers’ servers identifying tens of thousands current and former members, including current and former military, law enforcement and first-responder personnel, as well as several donors.

All their members, according to the Oath Keepers, have sworn oaths to defend the US Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Though the emails and chat logs are made available to the public, a small minority of the files is only available to journalists and researchers due to the presence of PII, financial information, decryption keys and other information which could be abused.

The alleged membership list contains more than 38,000 email addresses with some accounts reportedly being linked to names, physical addresses, phone numbers and IP addresses.

Around 160 of them were identified as official military and government emails- 132 used the ‘.mil’ domain with 100 of them being linked to the US Army branches like US Air Force, US Navy, US Coast Guard and US Marine Corps.

US Army spokesperson Matt Leonard pointed that the Army would investigate if some of its personnel were involved in prohibited activities like advocating supremacist, extremist, or criminal gang doctrine, ideology, or causes, stressing that there is no place for extremism in the military.

Another 28 email addresses used the ‘.gov’ domain and were linked to local city governments and sheriff’s departments, federal agencies like the DHS, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and NASA as well as the Los Alamos National Laboratory, a Department of Energy facility famous for helping develop nuclear weapons during WWII.

DDoSecrets co-founder Emma Best noted that leaked material provides an unprecedented view of the the Oath Keepers’ members, donors, structure and operations prior to and immediately following the January 6th Capitol Hill riot.

The far-right group has become a point of focus in the course of the ongoing federal investigation into the January 6 events with conspiracy charges being filed against a number of the its members but have proven difficult to stick due to a lack of evidence.

The leak comes days after the hack-related 180-gigabyte treasure trove of data from the far-right’s preferred domain registrar and web host Epik, which has counted the Oath Keepers as a client since January, though there’s no confirmation the two episodes are connected.

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