Kremlin Refutes as Ungrounded US Accusations of ‘Non-Transparent’ Elections in Russia

Photo credit: AP

Reacting to the US Department of State’s somewhat harsh comments on Russian parliamentary elections branding them as ‘non-transparent’, the Russian Embassy in the United States have slammed the stated accusations as ungrounded.

The Russian diplomatic mission in Washington DC emphasized in a statement on its Facebook account that the Russian people expressed its will on September 17-19in full compliance with the provisions of domestic legislation and the norms of international law.

The statement refutes and claims and insinuations to the contrary as unacceptable, stressing that any ‘disadvantages’ that might have happened had no impact on the overall course of the voting and cannot affect the election results.

During the current election, the Russian Central Election Commission has reported an unprecedented number of cyberattacks, half of which allegedly originating from the United States.

The SEC noted it believes that the purpose of these hacks was to discredit Russian electoral system.

The Embassy also reminded in its statement that Moscow is now waiting for the US’ authorities to give detailed explanations regarding the reported cyber-attacks which came from the American territory.

The US Department of State have said in the comment on the Russian Federation’s Duma elections held September 17-19 that it took place under conditions not conducive to free and fair proceedings.

The statement argued that Russian government restrictions and use of laws on foreign agents, extremist organizations and undesirable organizations have severely limited political pluralism, preventing the Russian people from exercising their civil and political rights and OSCE’s Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights and its Parliamentary Assembly from observing the elections.

The US believes that those measures have constricted transparency essential to fair elections and contradict Russia’s obligations under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and its commitments to the international and regional bodies.

The Department of State’s statement also underlined that the US do not recognize holding the Duma on sovereign Ukrainian territory, reaffirming its support for Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty.

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