‘Havana Syndrome’ Affects Member of CIA Chief’s Team during Work Trip to India

One of the CIA Director Bill Burns’ team members have complained of presenting ‘Havana Syndrome’ symptoms during a recent working visit to India, after which he has been provided with medical assistance, CNN reported on Monday.

It’s a second time in less than a month that Biden administration official’s complaining of Havana syndrome symptom during international travel.

According to the broadcaster citing unnamed sources, some US officials believe that whoever’s behind the incident is sending a direct message to Burns that even high-ranking CIA officials are vulnerable to the notorious syndrome.

Witnesses say Burns was “fuming” with anger following the news of the incident that set off the alarm bells in the US government.

The mysterious Havana Syndrome, initially detected among US embassy personnel in Cuba and China between 2016-2017, affects more and more US officials and diplomatic personnel in a growing number of countries with China, Austria and Vietnam being among them.

After at least two US diplomats in Vietnam had to be medically evacuated due to “anomalous health incident” in August, Vice President Harris was forced to delay her visit to Hanoi.

The affected people have complained of experiencing various symptoms – including hearing loss, nausea, headaches and imbalance- similar to a concussion, without being physically affected.

The US agencies involved in the investigations have considered a number of theories that vary from an unknown virus to “directed” microwave energies and foreign attacks, but it is still unknown what exactly causes the illness.

Burns, who have focused efforts on investigating the Havana syndrome along with the Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines, have said in July said the CIA tripled the size of the medical team investigating the mysterious attacks.

The lack of cause of the disease and the never ending and fruitless investigations left significant room for wild speculation.

CIA spokesperson refused to comment on specific incidents or officers, stressing that the agency has protocols in place for when individuals report possible anomalous health incidents followed by appropriate medical treatment.

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