Klobuchar Claims Democrats Are Trying to Protect Voters Rights with New Laws

Senate Rules Committee chair, Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar claims Democrat’s push to use federal power to protect voting rights in the country is necessary to fight against the vote suppression the Republican state legislators are executing with surgical precision, Politico reports.

Klobuchar said Sunday that new voting rights legislation she helped craft, that were introduced last week, will be a victory for all Americans stressing it is evil to make it hard for people to vote.

She also pointed to the fact that the US has seen over 400 bills introduced that are voter suppression bills, 31 of which have passed.

Sen. Klobuchar underlined the situation in Georgia and in Texas referring to a voting rights court case in which the judges noted the legislation discriminated with surgical precision, conveying a message to the Republicans not to try to change their voters since it’s against the fundamental right to vote.

Senate Democrats unveiled Tuesday the so called Freedom to Vote Act that, among other things, facilitates the voters’ registration and includes measures meant to increase early voting to possibly attract Republican support though some GOP leaders have already spoken against it.

That’s not very surprising considering the fact the Freedom to Vote Act is only a scaled down version of legislation that Republicans successfully blocked over the summer calling it federal takeover of election policy.

It allegedly contained a specter of measures against voter intimidation and suppression and aimed to end the corrupting power of dark money in campaigns and gerrymandering, and to strengthen ethics laws.

Klobuchar cited Sen. Raphael Warnock saying “some people don’t want some people to vote” accusing Republicans in a number of states for attempting to reduce the turnout among minorities and lower-income voters, taking away weekend voting.

According to her, GOP lawmakers are deliberate trying to suppress and disenfranchise voters, especially young voters and the people of color who helped Democrats win the elections.

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