Fox News Poll Shows Majorities Favor Biden’s Vaccine Mandate, Restrictions

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After the White House’s announcement of the most restrictive national measures yet to battle the virus’s spread, it seems that President Biden’s handling of the COVID pandemic remains supported by a majority of Americans, the Fox News wide-ranging survey released on Sunday shows.

With almost three-quarters, or 74 percent of registered voters, saying they are extremely or very concerned about the pandemic, it looks as if that rising concern coincides with the support that appears to be increasing with clear majorities of Americans believing now that masks and vaccines are effective.

Fox News poll of registered voters shows that 69% think masks help slow the spread of the virus despite the fact that conservative pundits have generally argued against it, especially in schools and after inoculations.

Around 67% have expressed support to mandating students and teachers to wear masks in schools, while 66 % agree private businesses should also require masks of employees and customers, something that has become less common in Republican-leaning states trying  to move beyond pandemic-era restrictions.

A narrower 56% percent support businesses with 100 or more employees to mandate their workers to be vaccinated or get tested weekly.

The cities and towns requiring proof of vaccination for indoor like going to the gym or a restaurant activities received 54% support, a four-point increase from last month.

While Democrat-led cities such as Los Angeles and New York are already requiring proof of vaccination for many indoor activities, Texas and Florida cities and authorities are vocally opposed to any and all mandates promoted regarding vaccines.

Yet, clear splits between parties are evident despite the support from the majority, with Democrats being predictably far more in favor of mandates (9 out of 10) while support for mandating vaccines and masks anywhere among Republicans drops (6 out of 10).

The poll results are a tad bit surprising considering more conservative polling base of right-leaning Fox News whose stars like Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity are some of the Biden administration’s harshest critics.

Polling from other outlets, on the other side, has shown an even larger gap between the Democrats and Republicans’ opinions of coronavirus mandates.

Last week’s Morning Consult poll showed only 33% of Republicans support Biden’s employer mandate compared to 80% endorsement from the Democrats while Trafalgar Group’s survey released shortly showed even less support among Republicans, with over 80% arguing Biden has no authority to put such mandates on private businesses.

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