Biden to Address the UNGA First Time as US President

In an effort to boost his international reputation that took a serious hit after the hastened US troop pullout from Afghanistan, Joe Biden will give his first speech as US president at the UN General Assembly next week, CNBC reports.

After it was held virtually in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, UNGA will be held this year with a hybrid in-person-virtual format with provisional list showing around 100 leaders have confirmed the attendance.

The White House press service confirmed on Monday that Biden will travel to New York to address UNGA on September 21 as part of his efforts to increase the number of major diplomatic meetings this fall and to boost alliances to counter China.

As announced, the White House will provide more details on Biden’s speech later though Biden said last week that he plans to outline new measures on helping other countries in tackling the pandemic.

According to Politico, Biden administration also plans to propose holding an international summit this month on fighting the coronavirus pandemic and the vaccination efforts, most probably within the framework of the 76th session of the UNGA scheduled for September 22.

Among the subjects to be discussed during the summit is improving coordination in the global efforts to deal with the pandemic, increasing the Covid-19 vaccines’ production and supply as well as establishing an international cooperation in the research related to the virus.

Next on Biden’s agenda, according to the White House information, will be to host the prime ministers of Australia, India and Japan in Washington on September 24 as part of the diplomatic grouping dubbed Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (Quad) aimed to tackle Chinese regional ambitions in the Asia-Pacific region.

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki pointed that Quad leaders’ talks will focuse on advancing practical cooperation in the fight against the Covid-19, climate crisis and to counterbalance China’s growing economic and military reach along with promoting a free and open Indo-Pacific.

Apart the in-person discussions the ministers from the four countries had meanwhile, the Quad leaders have also held online talks in March.

The talks would likely also touch on Afghanistan, on partnering on emerging technologies and cyberspace as well as presenting united front before a G20 meeting in Rome in October.

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