FDA Awaits Israel’s Data on COVID Jab to Back Biden’s Boosters Rollout Plan

Israel’s Health Ministry is expected to send its data from Israel’s Covid-19 booster jabs rollout to the US in an effort to help the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), potentially providing them with ammunition to help the Biden administration justify such a program in the US, Reuters reports.

Israeli ministry’s head of public health Sharon Alroy-Preis informed that Israeli health officials have agreed to present their data, prepared  upon the US agency’s request, during the FDA’s advisory committee meeting scheduled on September 17.

 Alroy-Preis said theat they’ve been invited to present Israel’s experience and its data in order to truly help the whole world to learn, and to back, at the same time, Biden’s announced plans most experts criticized.

According to Israel’s Health Ministry’s data, Israel has far administered booster vaccines jabs to about 2.6 million people, or roughly 28% of the population, since the program was initiated on August 1 citing the waning efficacy of Covid-19 vaccines over time.

Considering the fact that Covid-19 cases continued to surge in Israel despite the rollout, the country expanded last week the availability of the booster jabs to all residents older than 12 hoping it will reach the so-called herd immunity in the next month or two, though critics, on the other hand, are concerned that the country is headed towards perpetual cycle of jabs.

The top US health officials urged Biden administration on Saturday to freeze its plans to administer COVID vaccine booster shots to millions of Americans starting September 20, according to President Biden’s rollout plan, pointing to insufficient data on the usefulness of booster shots in the general population.

Even the US Advisory Committee on Immunization (ACIP) emphasized the lack of supporting data, while the FDA and CDC experts, at least privately, called the move premature.

Meanwhile, White House Chief medical adviser Doctor Anthony Fauci informed on Sunday that Pfizer’s vaccine, the first one that was officially fully approved for use by the FDA, will likely be approved for booster dose by the FDA in time for Biden’s deadline.

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